PhD and Master’s, Computational Biology and Computer Science


  • Ph.D. in Computational Biology, Computer Science track, Brown University (expected spring 2022), Drs. Lorin Crawford (biostatistics), Erica Larschan (molecular biology), and Charles Lawrence (applied math), RI
    • I develop statistical and Bayesian methods and visualizations for longitudinal multi-omics studies to uncover gene regulation.
    • I formulate novel research directions, perform experimental design, develop interpretable methods, and aid in wet-lab validation.


  • Cancer Genomics M.Sc. Student, Brown University and Princeton University, Dr. Benjamin Raphael, RI, NJ
    • Built deep learning method to improve DNA single-cell sequencing data for large region mutation (copy-number) inference.
    • Created pipeline to identify subclonal driver mutations in cancer bulk sequencing tumor samples across 9 cancer types.

Selected Internships

Spring 2022

  • Computational Biologist, Data Infrastructure, Machine Learning, Phenome Health, Deloitte, San Francisco, CA
    • Developing scientific and business strategy for healthcare and life science start-up under Dr. Leroy Hood.

Fall 2021

  • Computational Biology Researcher and Creator, Google Cloud, Palo Alto, CA
    • Developed new computational biology frameworks in collaboration with several biotech companies and Google Cloud.

Summer 2021

  • Bayesian Inference Researcher, Biomedical Computing Team, Health Futures, Microsoft Research, WA
    • Built interpretable Bayesian models using temporal and multi-omics data to uncover dysregulation in cancer, ALS, Parkinson’s.

Fall 2018

  • Machine Learning Scholar, Department of Health, Stephen Morris, RI
    • Designed predictive model for a need in Rhode Island’s hospital systems. Future goal is to form state legislation based on findings.


  • Game Theory & Bioinformatics Researcher, Université Libre Bruxelles, Fulbright/BAEF Scholar, Dr. Tom Lenaerts, Belgium
    • Created a method utilizing cooperative game theory, machine learning and structural bioinformatics techniques to quantify the roles and regulatory dynamics of core amino acids in a FYN SH3 protein domain.

Summers 2013, 2014

  • High Performance Computing Researcher, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Drs. Jeremy Kepner & Darrell Ricke, MA
    • Developed a fast protein analysis algorithm, using Dynamic Distributed Dimensional Data Model (D4M), merging sparse algebra, associative and distributed arrays, and triplestore/NoSQL databases (Accumulo) for fast Big Data analysis.

Summers 2013, 2014

  • Google Cambridge Arduino Workshop Creator, Google, Computer Science Summer Institute, Chelsea Pollen, MA
    • Created, recruited, implemented, and led Arduino workshop for 40 students at Summer Institute (link).

Spring 2014

  • Chemical Inventory Database Creator (Senior Project), DePauw University, Dr. David Roberts, IN
    • Designed, built, deployed database (Parse) & front end (HTML, CSS). >2K users to catalog & distribute chemicals (details, users link)


  • Bioinformatics Research & Tutor, DePauw University, Dr. Chester Fornari, IN
    • Devised labs & tutored Bioinformatics and Cells & Genes. Research: Integrated MEGA and Chimera to analyze TP53.

January 2013

  • Structural Biology & Drug Discovery Researcher, Vanderbilt University, Dr. Jens Meiler, TN
    • Method development assistant for new structure prediction algorithms in RosettaLigand program (simulations and design of macromolecules) and new machine learning techniques in Biochemical Library (BCL) drug discovery project.


  • DePauw Alumni Office Technology Associate, DePauw University, Mrs. Holly Enneking, IN
    • Provided IT solutions and built video presentations for award lectures and conducted interviews for alumni networking.

Summer 2012

  • Quality Control & Technology Researcher, Elanco (Eli Lilly and Company), Mr. Scott Burd, IN
    • Identified problem, implemented and tested 2 deviation documentation and instrument control software programs. Former went GLOBAL for Elanco plants in 11/2012, the latter runs automatically daily. Wet-lab work: GC, AA, HPLC (see Relevant Skills).

Spring 2012

  • Computational Biology & Machine Learning Researcher, Université Libre Bruxelles (ULB), Dr. Tom Lenaerts, Belgium
    • Utilized cooperative game theory, machine learning, and structural bioinformatics to define FYN protein binding specificities.


  • Technology Associate, IT Associate Program, DePauw University, Mrs. Angie Smock, IN
    • Project manager for team of 10 for IT solutions. Projects: virtual flashcard program, website, tech brochure, IT solutions.

Summer 2011

  • Technology Sales & Marketing Associate, JDS Uniphase, Mr. William DeWeese, TX, NY
    • Researched, tested, taught, and marketed communication software, services, and solutions for Verizon, AT&T.

Fall 2010

  • Inorganic Chemistry Researcher, Ionogel Analysis and Application, DePauw University, Dr. Hillary Eppley, IN
    • Synthesized ionogels and determined chemical and physical properties to use as a catalysts for biosensing, optics, electrolytes.

Summer 2008

  • Organic Chemistry Researcher, Eli Lilly and Company, Dr. David Bender, IN
    • Assessed hydrolytic stability of cyclopropanecarboxylic acid esters as potential prodrugs. Synthesized an acyclovir prodrug and worked with a ghrelin O-acyltransferase inhibitor. This is viewed as a potential therapeutic target to treat obesity and diabetes.