Portfolio 1

Fall 2021

  • Computational Biology Researcher and Creator, Google Cloud, Palo Alto, CA
    • Developed new computational biology frameworks in collaboration with several biotech companies and Google Cloud.

Summer 2021

  • Bayesian Inference Researcher, Biomedical Computing Team, Health Futures, Microsoft Research, WA
    • Built interpretable Bayesian models using temporal and multi-omics data to uncover dysregulation in cancer, ALS, Parkinson’s.

Machine Learning Scholar, Department of Health, Stephen Morris, RI Fall 2018 Designed predictive model for a need in Rhode Island’s hospital systems. Hope is to form state legislation based on findings. Cancer Genomics M.Sc. Student, Brown University and Princeton University, Dr. Benjamin Raphael, RI, NJ 2015-2017 Built deep learning method to improve DNA single-cell sequencing data for large region mutation (copy-number) inference. Created pipeline to identify subclonal driver mutations in cancer bulk sequencing tumor samples across 9 cancer types. Game Theory & Bioinformatics Researcher, Université Libre Bruxelles, Fulbright/BAEF Scholar, Dr. Tom Lenaerts, Belgium 2014-2015 Created a method utilizing cooperative game theory, machine learning and structural bioinformatics techniques to quantify the roles and regulatory dynamics of core amino acids in a FYN SH3 protein domain. High Performance Computing Researcher, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Drs. Jeremy Kepner & Darrell Ricke, MA Summers 2013, 2014 Developed a fast protein analysis algorithm, using Dynamic Distributed Dimensional Data Model (D4M), merging sparse algebra, associative and distributed arrays, and triplestore/NoSQL databases (Accumulo) for fast Big Data analysis. Google Cambridge Arduino Workshop Creator, Google, Computer Science Summer Institute, Chelsea Pollen, MA Summers 2013, 2014 Created, recruited, implemented, and led Arduino workshop for 40 students at Summer Institute (link). Chemical Inventory Database Creator (Senior Project), DePauw University, Dr. David Roberts, IN Spring 2014 Designed, built, deployed database (Parse) & front end (HTML, CSS). >2K users to catalog & distribute chemicals (details, users link) Bioinformatics Research & Tutor, DePauw University, Dr. Chester Fornari, IN 2012-2014 Devised labs & tutored Bioinformatics and Cells & Genes. Research: Integrated MEGA and Chimera to analyze TP53. Structural Biology & Drug Discovery Researcher, Vanderbilt University, Dr. Jens Meiler, TN January 2013 Method development assistant for new structure prediction algorithms in RosettaLigand program (simulations and design of macromolecules) and new machine learning techniques in Biochemical Library (BCL) drug discovery project. DePauw Alumni Office Technology Associate, DePauw University, Mrs. Holly Enneking, IN 2011-2012 Provided IT solutions and built video presentations for award lectures and conducted interviews for alumni networking. Quality Control & Technology Researcher, Elanco (Eli Lilly and Company), Mr. Scott Burd, IN Summer 2012 Identified problem, implemented and tested 2 deviation documentation and instrument control software programs. Former went GLOBAL for Elanco plants in 11/2012, the latter runs automatically daily. Wet-lab work: GC, AA, HPLC (see Relevant Skills). Computational Biology & Machine Learning Researcher, Université Libre Bruxelles (ULB), Dr. Tom Lenaerts, Belgium Spring 2012 Utilized cooperative game theory, machine learning, and structural bioinformatics to define FYN protein binding specificities. Technology Associate, IT Associate Program, DePauw University, Mrs. Angie Smock, IN 2010-2011 Project manager for team of 10 for IT solutions. Projects: virtual flashcard program, website, tech brochure, IT solutions. Technology Sales & Marketing Associate, JDS Uniphase, Mr. William DeWeese, TX, NY Summer 2011 Researched, tested, taught, and marketed communication software, services, and solutions for Verizon, AT&T. Inorganic Chemistry Researcher, Ionogel Analysis and Application, DePauw University, Dr. Hillary Eppley, IN Fall 2010 Synthesized ionogels and determined chemical and physical properties to use as a catalysts for biosensing, optics, electrolytes. Organic Chemistry Researcher, Eli Lilly and Company, Dr. David Bender, IN Summer 2008 Assessed hydrolytic stability of cyclopropanecarboxylic acid esters as potential prodrugs. Synthesized an acyclovir prodrug and worked with a ghrelin O-acyltransferase inhibitor. This is viewed as a potential therapeutic target to treat obesity and diabetes.