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I am currently a post-doc in Biostatistics at Brown with Dr. Lorin Crawford. I will be joining Microsoft Research this fall.

This spring 2022, I completed a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Computational Biology from Brown University, as an NSF Graduate Research Fellow. My research focuses on building interpretable methods (statistical and Bayesian), tools, and associated platforms which integrate temporal (i.e. time-series) and multi-omics data to study gene regulation in development and disease. I have expertise working on small and imbalanced data problems in fruit fly and human, across the domains of cancer, neuroscience, and development. I believe that platforms should be accessible to provide causal mechanisms on user-friendly platforms that scale, thereby enabling non-coding researchers to develop accurate follow-up experimentation and diagnostics. I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science and Computational Biology from Brown. I did so in collaboration with my advisors Dr. Erica Larschan (molecular biology), Dr. Lorin Crawford (biostatistics), and Dr. Charles Lawrence (applied math).

Concurrently this spring 2022, I spent some time working with Phenome Health through Deloitte as their computational biologist. I co-lead initiatives in areas of data infrastructure, scientific vertical, and methods development. In fall 2021 I took part in an apprentiship at Google Cloud working on multi-omic modeling, and in summer 2021 I worked with the Biomedical Computing Team within Health Futures at Microsoft Research. I developed and co-developed 3 methods in areas of cancer, ALS, and Parkinson’s.

During my Master’s in Computer Science at Brown and Princeton, I focused on modeling subclonal drivers in cancer. During that time, I served on the Board of Trustees for AnitaB.org and instituted several successful programs. I also served as ISCB Student Council Finance Chair, where I secured numerous continuing financial partnerships. I was a Fulbright Research Scholar using game theory to identify protein binding preferences, and subsequently served on the National Fulbright Association Board of Trustees. I hold a Computer Science and Biochemistry degree from DePauw University, and spent time outside of school doing research projects at Microsoft Research Health Futures, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Google, Vanderbilt University, Eli Lilly, Deloitte, and Phenome Health.